All people seek authenticity across the course of a lifetime. Authenticity refers to expressing the truth inside yourself that aligns with who you want to be as a person and bringing that to your existing relationships. My clients recognize the vulnerability needed to identify and express true feelings may require someone supporting them as they explore their inner struggles. The impact of having a trusting relationship during your exploration can lead to taking a risk that will pull others closer to you. It is my belief that bring authenticity to your relationships will improve your enjoyment of your life and the lives of those you care about most.

Why would I seek a therapist to be more authentic in my life?

There are numerous ways old wounds, our own fears or perception of our environment might lead to holding in or an unwillingness to bring forward important parts of internal experience. Therapy serves as an opportunity to cultivate the parts of you as an individual that you recognize need to change in your current life that might bring you forward toward growth. I offer therapy services as a way to pay respect to each person’s process of exploration toward health. As a therapist, I know the power of statements made from a place of deep truth. I seek to support my client to find the confidence to bring individual gifts forward from within. I have witnessed the impact on client’s relationships and clarity of communication and purpose.  My hope for my clients is that my therapy services can build a space to trust enough to explore vulnerability safely.