Sharing the Inspiration

One way I personally have found to cope with stress is by looking for inspiration around me in my daily life. When I need a reminder of the beautiful elements of life, I turn to and do a quick search to see if I can shift the images I have in my mind. A flood of eye-catching photos from professionals, aspiring amateurs or people just practicing shots arrive at my fingertips all wanting to share a cool shot with others. Ordinary people capturing everyday moments beautifully. The global reach of this photo sharing reminds me of the human need to share our gifts with other people as a community.  The photographs remind me there is always moments of importance in the lives of those around me that I may not be aware are happening. This inspires me to keep going.

Creative Commons provides clear information about the artist’s wishes for how other’s might seek to share their photographs.  Creative Commons provide this service in order to promote “development, growth, and productivity” on the Internet. I wanted to highlight this organization for allowing me to find breath-taking images taken from people all over the globe contributing in a simple way to improve the lives of others by sharing their gifts.

I would like to acknowledge the artists of this community whom have been willing to share their images with the online public. I have choose to use their images throughout the website. Their willingness to share continues to inspire my work by reminding me that when people share parts of their lives, the impact can be immense. The use of images with authorization are in no way an endorsement of these artists directly nor the artist’s endorsement of this website, . Below are the names and photographs used throughout this website. The only changes of the images used were cropping in order to fit design elements of webpages.

“4/365” Victor Semionov

“Out Into the World – College Graduation [Explore]” Aaron Hawkins

“Firestarter / Progidy (Inspired By a Song)” Maria Eklind

“WORKING!!” Hiroyuku Takeda

“Hundreds ‘Pack the Place’ to Cheer College of DuPage Women’s,  Men’s Basketball 2017 91” COD Newsroom

“New Blowing Bubbles” Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia

“Something Old, Something New” Rachel Samanyi

“Old Telephones in HDR” Jimmy McIntyre

“Bubblesl” and “Scarf Thef” poolski

“Water vapor sucked into the bitterly cold air. Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska” Paxson Woelber

“Family Values” and “Lost in a Crowd” Keoni Cabral

“I’m forever blowing bubbles” Paul VanDerWerf

“Helping Hands” Judit Klein

“I don’t want to give up so damn easily” Ashley Webb

“Three Friends” Aurimas